发布时间: 2017-01-11

First, the basic information


Region:In Moscow, Russia

Address:Moscow Crocus exhibition center

Second, the detailed introduction

Name:In 2017 Russia international oral and dental show (DENTAL SALON 2017)

Time/address:2017/04/18~2017/04/20   Moscow Crocus exhibition center

Exhibits range:

      Every year a sessionThe exhibition scope:Oral medicine: teeth cleaning machine, light curing machine, * * * - local corresponding equipment, decoloring molding machine, etc.;

Oral surgery: 

      dental planting series, surgical equipment and instruments, planting and accessories, etc.; 


      polishing materials, pads, polishing head, protective equipment, filling materials, impression materials, composite resin, cotton products, crown and bridge materials, denture materials, detergents, disposable materials, etc.; 


      orthodontic appliances, orthodontic/periodontal materials, etc.;

Repair fuke: 

      porcelain series products, casting machine, repair, repair equipment, denture lining repair materials, etc.; 

Shot put families:

      X-ray equipment and accessories, X-ray machine, X-ray washing equipment and accessories, digital imaging, teeth, etc.; 

Health supplies: 

      toothbrush, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soap, dental use medicines, disinfectants, oral care cream, teeth cleaning fluid, toothpaste raw materials, cleaning teeth, dental floss, dental floss, gargle, oral drug spray, oral care products, and mouth clean fog, clean teeth and refreshing, available pain including wash liquid, false teeth denture lotions, powders, etc. 

General categories: 

      comprehensive dental treatment chair, disinfection equipment, equipment cabinets, teaching experiment equipment, air compressor, hospital management, cleaning, health supplies, etc.

The exhibition profile:

      Russia (Moscow) international oral and DENTAL show (DENTAL SALON 2017), will be in April 2017 Crocus exhibition center in Moscow.The exhibition is one of the biggest local dental professional exhibition.DENTAL SALON exhibition company mainly in Russia and other former Soviet union countries held various DENTAL and oral medicine related exhibitions, seminars, workshops, academic research BBS as the goal.Many of the exhibition are world famous professional exhibition, dental and oral medicine occupies an important position in the field of international dental.Russia (Moscow) international oral and DENTAL show is DENTAL SALON exhibition held in one of the biggest exhibition, the Russian federal district is one of the most influential, the highest closing exhibition, as well as contact Russia DENTAL industry, increase sales and to seek the best platform to partner.

The exhibition review:

      Russia 2016 oral and dental show, the total area of 20000 square meters exhibition above, three hall, 525 enterprises come from 26 countries to participate in the exhibition, attracting 35000 professional of exhibitors to get to the meeting.150 of the foreign enterprises, 7 * * * pavilion, 30000 dental experts in the exhibition of BBS communication meeting discussed in the field of dental professional and exchanges.There is no doubt that in the last show, whether it's on the display area, or on the quantity and quality of the exhibition and exhibition, hit a record of the exhibition.The organizers and exhibitors have shown their interest for the Russian market and foreign manufacturers, more and more international companies show that in the DENTAL SALON to participate in the exhibition in the exhibition.Exhibition in 2013, many multinational companies are to attend the exhibition for the first time, they all is very satisfied with quality and quantity of the professional audience, said will continue.



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