发布时间: 2017-01-11

First, the basic information

time:2017 - 2 - 7 to 2017-2-9


Sponsor:Index Conferences & Exhibitions Organization Est.

Address:Dubai international conference center

Second, the detailed introduction 

Name:In 2017, the 35th Sao Paulo, Brazil, international exhibition (CIOSP2017) oral medicine

Time/address:2017-2-1-4  Sao Paulo, Brazil

Cycle:Every year a session

Exhibits range:

1.Oral medicine: teeth cleaning machine, light curing machine - local anesthesia, the corresponding equipment, decoloring molding machine, etc.;

Oral surgery: dental planting series, surgical equipment and instruments, planting and accessories, etc.;

2.Materials: polishing materials, pads, polishing head, protective equipment, filling materials, impression materials, composite resin, cotton products, crown and bridge materials, denture materials, detergents, disposable materials, etc.;

3.Is abnormal: orthodontic appliances, orthodontic/periodontal materials, etc.;

Repair division: porcelain series products, casting machine, repair, repair equipment, denture lining repair materials, etc.;

4.X-ray: X-ray equipment and accessories, X-ray machine, X-ray washing equipment and accessories, digital imaging, teeth, etc.;

5.Health supplies: toothbrush, electric toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soap, dental use medicines, disinfectants, oral care cream, teeth cleaning fluid, toothpaste raw materials, cleaning teeth, dental floss, dental floss, gargle, oral drug spray, oral care products, and mouth clean fog, clean teeth and refreshing, available pain including wash liquid, etc.;

6.Comprehensive: dental treatment chair, disinfection equipment, equipment cabinets, teaching laboratory equipment, air compressor, hospital management, clean health supplies, etc.

The exhibition profile:

     Middle East dubai international exhibition (AEEDC) oral medicine is in the Middle East region's most influential professional dental dental exhibition.The exhibition has been dubai's ruler, ministry of finance, such as dubai health support.During the exhibition, there are many associated with oral medicine, to protect the tooth the tooth of the symposium, seminars, symposia, etc.Dubai TTF attending oral medicine (AEEDC) is the world's leading dental equipment supplies manufacturers showcase their latest products, the best stage is also each big manufacturers, distributors to expand their market share in the gulf region's important way.Over the past few years, YaFang business is growing rapidly in the Middle East.Oral medicine in the Middle East exhibition is influential professional oral and dental exhibition in the Middle East, and gather the oral medical professionals, and dental equipment supplies manufacturers distributors, as well as the academic authority of a major event.Exhibitors and exhibiting products welcomed by a lot of and got very good response, by taking part in the Middle East dubai exhibition, oral medicine for many exhibitors products into the Middle East market provides a convenient and effective shortcut.

The last review:

   Held in dubai international exhibition center in 2016, more than 1400 exhibitors from 75 countries.More than 20, 000 medical professionals and the audience came from 120 countries.More than 6000 delegates, the delegation.During the fair trading volume of more than $1 billion.Exhibition area of 20000 square meters, increased by 15% in the last year than ever before.95% of the exhibitors during the exhibition received orders.90% of the exhibitors has fostered a new sales channel.87% of buyers to purchase decision on the spot.98% of the exhibitors said reached the exhibition effect, effect.



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